Millionaire Shaunie Henderson Assets: How Many Businesses Does Shaquille O’Neal’s Ex-Wife Own? (2024)

Shaquille O’Neal‘s ex-wife, Shaunie Henderson made headlines when she expressed doubts about whether she ever loved the basketball legend, which received its share of criticism. But that’s not the only notable mention. Henderson also described in her book ‘Undefeated’ how she built her business empire amidst struggles with divorce and past relationships while co-parenting her kids. Today, she stands as a model for empowerment and economic freedom with her entrepreneurial spirit.

The media mogul Shaunie had always had creativity and interest in the entertainment world. Hence, she started her first job as a film marketer for Fox Entertainment. Since then, she has continued to forge ahead and is currently one of the most notable producers.

Who founded the Amirah Inc.?

After tying the knot with the Los Angeles Lakers legend O’Neal, Henderson launched her own production company, Amirah Inc. in 2004. It was named after their first daughter Amirah who was born in 2001.

Through this company, the producer and entrepreneur produced numerous hit shows like the VH1 series ‘Basketball Wives LA’. The show featured some of the most powerful women such as Evelyn Lozada and the producer herself. This show had five seasons and ran from 2011 to 2016.

Shaunie’s ‘HomeCourt’, ‘Basketball Wives Miami’, ‘Football Wives’, and many more popular shows, films, and podcasts were also produced by her company. One of the latest productions of the company is Shaunie & Keion’s wedding special. Currently, Shaunie boasts a net worth of $35 million. Upon her divorce from O’Neal, she received three houses worth $33 million in her divorce settlement. Beyond this, O’Neal was in agreement for a payout of $10,000 in spousal support with an additional $10,000 for each of his four children.

The focus behind this company is to encourage unique storytelling that inspires and motivates the viewers. “We amplify underserved communities by showcasing muted voices and overlooked narratives and are vehemently committed to democratizing expression by investing in women-led stories that activate, motivate, and inspire shared experiences,” the official website of the company described its goals.

Millionaire Shaunie Henderson Assets: How Many Businesses Does Shaquille O’Neal’s Ex-Wife Own? (1)

The mother of five was also an executive producer in ‘The Love Shaq’ which was released in 2009. The ‘Big Aristotle’ also made appearances in several of the movies produced by his ex-wife such as ‘Dumb It Down’. Apart from that, Shaunie is also a part of a clothing line.

Shaunie Henderson collaborates with clothing brand

Before her wedding to Pastor Keion Henderson in 2022, the mother of five collaborated with LA-based ‘Looptify’ to launch her own clothing line. Both Shaunie and her husband, Pastor Keion, are part of the deal. Their clothing line, ‘Kesh,’ features a relaxed and casual clothes collection such as hoodies, tees, and joggers.

“Interestingly enough Nate (Nate Llorando, CEO of Looptify) has been trying to get me to recognize my worth in this retail space for many years. I have to be honest and admit that I didn’t see it. I decided to just take a leap of faith and trust the process. So far I have not been disappointed. And I couldn’t have done it with a better team,” the producer and entrepreneur, Shaunie said.

Further, Shaunie has also held a shoe line, and cannabis business while being an active real estate investor. As Shaunie Henderson is a public field, she has also added to her pocket big bucks in the name of brand endorsem*nts and partnerships. It is highly likely that her influence and reputation serve as an attractive point for brands looking to touch a wider audience.

Now married, the couple have also started their podcast, ‘The Grow Zone’ which focuses on her new life and career. As the first lady of the Church, Shaunie also fulfills her role for the Light House Church.


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This year, she also released her debut memoir, ‘Undefeated, Changing the Rules and Winning on My Own Terms.‘ Despite the criticism, her book has inspired and empowered many women who could relate to her experiences and praised her efforts.

“The journey that I had in this entire process was still very, very relatable. I still went through hurt. I still went through self-discovery.”Henderson said during her interview with People. “I still had to raise five kids, so it’s just a relatable story and I believe it’s empowering women to know that they can raise their voices and live in their purpose and walk in a feeling of just being undefeated.”

The entrepreneur and author will soon head for a 10-city book tour for the promotions. This will allow her to interact with more people and inspire them.


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Millionaire Shaunie Henderson Assets: How Many Businesses Does Shaquille O’Neal’s Ex-Wife Own? (2024)


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