MyOpinions Australia Review 2024: Join Now and Start Earning (2024)

Claiming to be “Australia’s Favourite Paid Survey Site”, MyOpinions is one of the most popular survey sites in Australia, and that’s for good reason.

Completing surveys for cash makes a great side income – even more so if the site lets you redeem your points for PayPal and Flexi eGift Cards instantly and that's what you can do on this site. If you're not convinced, here are four reasons to join:

  • Share in a pool of nearly half a million dollars paid out every month
  • Fast sign up
  • Earn points simply for signing up
  • Earn up to $7 per survey

Keep reading this MyOpinions review to find out why we rate it as one of the go-to paid Australian survey websites that you need to join!`

MyOpinions Australia

MyOpinions Australia Review 2024: Join Now and Start Earning (1)

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Redemption Options

Survey Availability

User Friendliness

Product Offerings

Customer Support


Claiming to be “Australia’s Favourite Paid Survey Site”, MyOpinions is one of the most popular survey sites in Australia, and that’s for good reason.


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  • What Is MyOpinions Australia?
  • Is MyOpinions Legit Or A Scam Site?
  • Why Should I Join MyOpinions Australia?
  • Who Should Join?
  • Sign Up For MyOpinions
    • How Does MyOpinions Work?
    • Make Money With MyOpinions
      • Redeeming MyOpinions Points
        • Pros and Cons
          • Similar Survey Sites To MyOpinions Australia
          • MyOpinions Reviews
          • MyOpinions Australia Customer Support
          • Conclusion: MyOpinions Review
          • FAQ: MyOpinions Review Australia

            What Is MyOpinions Australia?

            If you're looking to convert your daily activities into financial rewards, a Get-Paid-To (GPT) site might be a better fit, but if you’re looking to regularly do quality surveys, then MyOpinions Australia should be in your survey panel portfolio.

   is one of the largest players in the Australian survey space, rewarding users for providing detailed insights into their day-to-day activities, services consumed, purchasing habits, and lifestyle.

            It's backed by Dynata, LLC. which also owns Opinion Outpost, Valued Opinions, and OpinionWorld. Dynata is the world’s largest first-party data company, with a global reach of 70 million consumers and business professionals, driving 100+ million survey completions per annum.

            Reward points are redeemable in two ways. First, they can be transferred to a PayPal account for real cash or users can choose to cash them out as Flexi eGift Cards.

            The best thing? It's quick and completely free to join and use. All you need to do issign upand start browsing.

            Start earning immediately!

            Claiming to be “Australia’s Favourite Paid Survey Site”, MyOpinions is one of the most popular survey sites in Australia, and that’s for good reason.

            Join now!

            Is MyOpinions Legit Or A Scam Site?

            If you consider how many rewards programs can be shady, you’ll understand that this is a completely reasonable question to ask.

            Having used MyOpinions, I can reassure you that it is an entirely legit market research company, having existed since 1999 and is now experiencing over 2 million survey starts per month.

            Trustpilot rates MyOpinions with a 4.5 out of 5, with 1934 reviews, which is excellent. Dynata, LLC, the parent company, is rated with Trustpilot as a 3.3 (out of 5), with 1500+ reviews.

            MyOpinions takes privacy and data handling seriously if you care to read the policy. A copy of the terms and conditions can also be accessed on the website.

            A quick search of Google will deliver thousands of testimonials and reviews about how members make cash as well.

            MyOpinions is legitimate!

            MyOpinions Australia
            Redemption Methods:Flexi eGift Card + PayPal + Charity
            Redemption Threshold:Flexi eGift Card – $10, PayPal – $20, Charity – $10
            Pay Range:$0.50 to $3.00
            Australian Based:No
            Referral Program:No
            Join:Join using the MyOpinions login here

            Why Should I Join MyOpinions Australia?

            There are plenty of reasons to join MyOpinions Australia, but that’s provided you’re prepared to invest your time in completing quality surveys honestly. If you’re more task-orientated and have a shorter attention span, then have a look at our GPT sites.

            MyOpinions is one of the higher quality survey sites in Australia and fields a lot of surveys of large ASX 200 companies looking for input on their services and products. It is NOT a survey aggregator site that seeks to make a margin off redirecting you to 3rd Party surveys.

            And what you’ll find is that like with anything, the more you invest your time in MyOpinions Australia, the greater your earnings will be. So, if income from a side hustle is your goal, look no further.

            Who Should Join?

            MyOpinions allows anyone 18 or older to become a member. You will also need to reside in Australia.

            Sign Up For MyOpinions

            The sign-up experience for MyOpinions Australia is quick, easy, and free.

            To sign up and start answering regular surveys, head to

            You’ll need to provide some personal information, including your name, postal address and email address, and password, but no phone number is required. Then you’ll need to verify your email address once MyOpinions has sent you an email.

            It is also possible to log in with Facebook and Google.

            In all, the signup process takes a maximum of 5 minutes, but then you’ll need to complete your profile information the first time you log in (30 minutes), and this includes: Business, Personal & Household, Politics, Insurance, Leisure & Interests, Magazines, Utilities, automotive, Health Conditions, Technology Devices Owned, Shopping, Food & Beverages, Personal Banking, Investing, Electronics & Gadgets and Mobile Devices.

            MyOpinions Australia Review 2024: Join Now and Start Earning (2)

            Is There A MyOpinions App?

            No, but don’t let this put you off as their website is well-optimized for PC, tablet, and mobile. No Chrome extension is available either.

            If only app-based surveys are for you, check out ourBest Survey Apps page here.

            How Does MyOpinions Work?

            The primary purpose of the site is to offer market research insights. It works with a wide range of advertisers, including premium brands. Brands need your honest feedback to help improve their products and services. By sharing your views, you get to provide a direct line to brands, telling them how you feel.

            MyOpinions Australia rewards you in the form of online rewards for consumers. Points can be redeemed for PayPal cash or Flexi eGift Cards.

            Make Money With MyOpinions

            Users need to have realistic expectations when it comes to making money with MyOpinions Australia. Consider it a side hustle, not a primary source of income.

            With focus an income of $50 to $100/month is achievable, but results will vary widely. Much comes down to your demographics and the degree of effort you put into creating your profile.

            Here’s how you can start earning, too.

            Take Online Surveys

            Surveys are the main way to earn points with MyOpinions. Subscribers can expect to be able to access several surveys per day.

            Expect a pay range of between $0.50 to $7 per survey, with the vast majority in the $1 to $3 range.

            Often when you take a survey via an email from MyOpinions, you’ll be redirected to Survey Sampling International (SSI), don’t panic. SSI has been acquired by Dynata, the owner of MyOpinions.

            MyOpinions Australia Review 2024: Join Now and Start Earning (3)

            Product Testing

            You may get the chance to undertake product testing via email invites, based on your demographics. However, while this pays reasonably well, don’t expect it to form a regular portion of your income.

            Watch Ads

            MyOpinions is very short on detail and I’ve never had the opportunity to participate, but it is stated as an option on the website.

            Mystery Shopping

            The same applies to Mystery Shopping as “Watch Ads”.

            Other Ways To Earn MyOpinions Points

            Outside the ways mentioned above, there are few opportunities to earn extra points – partly because it is not a Get-Paid-To (GPT) site.

            It also appears that in recent times, several games, prize draws, and other elements have been removed from the site in a bid to simplify it.

            Bonus Welcome Survey

            Complete the Bonus Welcome Survey to kick off your earning with 50 points.

            MyOpinions Australia Review 2024: Join Now and Start Earning (4)

            New Member Challenge

            Subscribers can complete 3 surveys in the next 7 days to score an extra 100 bonus points.

            MyOpinions Australia Review 2024: Join Now and Start Earning (5)

            Loyalty Status Program

            The closest users come to a loyalty program is a section of the website called ‘Badges”. Survey participants can take more surveys to level up and unlock weekly bonuses.

            LevelActivates atWeekly bonus on
            surveys completed
            Silver2,500 Lifetime Points2.5%
            Gold5,000 Lifetime Points5%
            Platinum10,000 Lifetime Points7.5%
            Diamond15,000 Lifetime Points10%

            Refer a Friend

            It appears that in recent times, MyOpinions has removed this feature.

            Update Your Profile

            Improving your profile is easy and many users do not spend enough time on it, in the rush to begin answering surveys. While this doesn’t directly earn you more points, it typically results in more surveys and opportunities being available to you.


            You'll receive 20 points every time you're screened out of a survey.

            Redeeming MyOpinions Points

            How Many MyOpinions Points Make A Dollar?

            Some of you may be asking, how much is one MyOpinions point worth? Each point is worth about one cent, so 100 points is equal to $1.


            Payout options of PayPal and Flexi eGift Cards appear under the ‘Rewards’ tab, but there is more to it than meets the eye.

            PayPal payments of $20 and above are available.

            If you choose PayPal as your preferred payment option, it can take 24 hrs to reflect payments on your account.

            Flexi eGift Cards

            Call them e-vouchers or gift cards or something in between, but Flexi eGift Cards are a popular form of redemption for survey websites.

            MyOpinions Australia Review 2024: Join Now and Start Earning (6)

            With redemptions starting at $10, this is splittable between two companies at $5 a piece. At the time of writing, subscribers have access to the usual options such as Woolworths, Myer, Rebel Sport, BCF, Catch, Optus and Vodafone. This is not to say other brands such as Coles won’t appear as it is stated: “Each gift card brand and denomination is subject to demand and availability. Therefore each brand and denomination of gift card may not be available at all times”.

            Opt for e-gift cards and e-vouchers and you can receive them instantly.


            Within the Flexi eGift Card option, subscribers can choose to donate to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation, Beyond Blue, Lifeline Australia, Habitat for Humanity, and Starlight.

            Pros and Cons


            • source of quality surveys
            • pays well
            • simple and focused interface
            • quick registration
            • screenouts points awarded


            • no Refer A Friend program
            • redemption difficulties reported
            • limited opportunities to earn
            • customer support lacking

            Similar Survey Sites To MyOpinions Australia

            A good number of survey sites operate similarly to MyOpinions. However, most don't offer the same level of payment.

            If you're serious about completing online surveys frequently, we recommend exploring other platforms. Here's how it compares to similar sites:

            Octopus Group

            Earn over $16/hour direct to your bank account with Australian-owned Octopus Group. Join Australia's highest earning survey site here.

            Redemptions: Direct Debit, Gift Cards, Charity
            Minimum redemption: $20.00
            Surveys pay: $1.12 to $22.40


            Join now!

            Toluna Influencers

            Do you want to be an influencer? Give your opinion on social issues of the day, with regular surveys, a huge range of rewards, and pays in cash.

            Redemptions: Charity, Gift Cards, PayPal, Crypto (Bitcoin), Amazon Mastercard
            Minimum redemption: $10.00
            Surveys pay: $1.00 – $5.00


            Join now!

            Ipsos iSay

            Consistent and well paid online surveys makes Ipsos iSay a favourite amongst Aussies! (previously myView)

            Redemptions: Charity, Gift Cards, PayPal
            Minimum redemption: $20.00
            Surveys pay: $1.00 – $15.00


            Join now!

            YouGov Australia

            Join the trusted, global survey site YouGov and start earning serious survey money. Right now YouGov Australia is looking for 18+ yo males.

            Redemptions: Direct Debit, Charity, Gift Cards
            Minimum redemption: $20.00
            Surveys pay: $0.40 - $3.00


            Join now!

            Valued Opinions

            In an age where opinions matter more than ever, Valued Opinions provide a unique avenue for individuals to have their voices heard on a wide range of topics, products, and services.

            Redemptions: Gift Cards, Charity
            Minimum redemption: $20.00
            Surveys pay: $1.00 - $7.00


            Join now!


            Make your opinion count and get paid for it! Join Mobrog today.

            Redemptions: PayPal, Gift Cards, EcoMatcher
            Minimum redemption: $8.50
            Surveys pay: $1.00 - $5.00


            Join now!

            MyOpinions Reviews

            Here are some reviews from customers who use the site:

            Surveys for cash

            I have been with them for a while, When I first went to withdraw it took 3 days. After that, every $20 payment has been instant into my Paypal. I am not sure why they have such little stars. I assume people are just spamming any answers or answering surveys differently. Keep in mind people when you do surveys, they can track your answers over multiple surveys to see if you are truthful or not.

            AdamJ, from Sydney, NSW. Member since 4 Jan 2023, on

            Have cashed in many e-gift cards successfully.

            I have been doing surveys and cashing in Woolworths vouchers successfully for the past couple of months. The first time you cash in you have to provide all your drivers licence details and wait three days. After that, every cash in is paid out immediately. All the Woolworths egift cards I’ve received have worked perfectly with no problems.

            I work full time but have been able to earn around $50 a week doing these surveys in my spare time after work and on weekends. They do check your answers across all your surveys, so if you lie or don’t read the questions properly, they will suspend your account. If you are honest and do the surveys properly, you won’t have a problem.

            Naomi, review on 2 April 2023, TrustPilot

            MyOpinions Australia Customer Support

            Several review sites indicate that most issues revolve around accounts being suspended or deleted upon redemption requests. Customer support also appears to be slow. If you become a subscriber to customer support may be required at some point. Here are your options:

            Check the FAQs: First, browse the Help tab on the website. You can use the search function if you are not sure where to start and you'll find answers to many questions.

            Lodge an online support ticket: At the bottom of the support questionnaire is a link to lodge a ticket and within it, you'll find most issues that can be experienced from on the website.

            Phone: No telephone support is available.

            Social media: does not appear to have a dedicated Facebook page.

            TrustPilot: Write a brief, factual, and cutting review including your issue and you may be contacted. If they address your issue, be sure to amend the review.

            Start earning immediately!

            Claiming to be “Australia’s Favourite Paid Survey Site”, MyOpinions is one of the most popular survey sites in Australia, and that’s for good reason.

            Join now!

            Conclusion: MyOpinions Review

            After this MyOpinions review it should be clear that the site has been simplified and re-focused on surveys in recent times. While the site might seem simplistic, it is one of the survey sites that you should be joining.

            On the flip side, there do appear to be a lot of historical complaints around accounts and redemptions, but this appears to have significantly dropped off in the last two years. Perhaps the overhaul of the site has helped?

            MyOpinions has a clean and fresh feel to it, with a good supply of surveys and an adequate set of redemption options available.

            Thanks for taking the time to read this MyOpinions review!

            FAQ: MyOpinions Review Australia

            What is the redemption limit on MyOpinions?

            Flexi eGift Card redemptions start at $10, while PayPal redemptions start at $20.

            How does MyOpinions work?

            Get paid to take surveys on your PC, mobile, or tablet with MyOpinions. You'll be paid in points which can be redeemed for PayPal or Flexi eGift Cards.

            Is MyOpinions legit?

            Yes. MyOpinions is a legitimate survey site that has operated since 1999.

            How much can I earn on MyOpinions?

            With a bit of effort monthly earnings of $50 to $100 are possible.

            Who owns MyOpinions?

            MyOpinions is owned and operated by Dynata, LLC, the same company that ownsOpinionWorld,Valued Opinions, and Opinion Outpost.

            MyOpinions Australia Review 2024: Join Now and Start Earning (13)

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            MyOpinions Australia Review 2024: Join Now and Start Earning (2024)


            What is the best paid survey site in Australia? ›

            The Best Paid Survey Sites in Australia
            • Opinion World Australia. Opinion World, as their name suggests, provides a platform for people to share their opinions about a wide array of topics. ...
            • Octopus Group. Octopus Group is another market research company that gathers opinions from its members. ...
            • Pureprofile. ...
            • YouGov. ...
            • Swagbucks.

            How do MyOpinions work? ›

            What is MyOpinions? Get paid by taking online surveys on your PC, mobile or tablet. Every time you take part, you collect points. Redeem your points for the reward of your dreams in just a few clicks, taps or swipes.

            How to make $1000 fast in Australia? ›

            Some of the fastest ways to make $1000 in Australia are:
            1. Rent out your spare bedroom on Airbnb.
            2. Selling your clutter, unwanted furniture or electronics online.
            3. Freelance writing, design and web development.
            4. Driving for a rideshare app like Uber on nights/weekends.
            5. Completing online surveys, tests and tasks.
            Jan 27, 2024

            What is the highest paying paid survey? ›

            Best online surveys for money in 2024
            • Swagbucks. Swagbucks is more focused on earning through shopping partners, but you can earn cash back in many different ways. ...
            • InboxDollars. ...
            • KashKick. ...
            • SurveyJunkie. ...
            • FreeCash.

            Can you make money answering surveys? ›

            Survey Spot pays members for taking surveys and providing feedback on products they test. Users can earn points for each task they complete, which they can then exchange for cash via PayPal and gift cards. You can work for Survey Spot if you're at least 18 years old and live in the United States.

            How legit are paid surveys? ›

            Online paid surveys are a legitimate business, as many different companies utilize them to conduct market research. However, amidst the many reputable online paid surveys, there are other survey sites that are actually sites created by scammers or cybercriminals.

            What is the redemption limit for Myopinions? ›

            Your daily limit on the redemption of points or Panel Currency is limited to two (2) redemptions per 24-hour period.

            Are paid surveys worth it in Australia? ›

            Some surveys may pay a few dollars, while others may pay more. It is important to remember that you will not 'get rich' by taking surveys, and it should not be considered a full-time income.

            What is the best survey site to earn money? ›

            Which paid survey sites are legitimate? Online surveys are a legitimate way for brands to get consumer feedback on their products and services. Some of the best survey sites include Branded Surveys, Toluna, Swagbucks, LifePoints, OnePoll, i-Say (IPSOS), InboxPounds, PopulusLive, Opinion Outpost and Valued Opinions.

            Can I trust Aussie paid surveys? ›

            The companies that Aussie Paid Surveys directs you to are reputable survey sites. Aussie Paid Surveys gives you access to multiple survey sites. It is much easier than finding them yourself. Most of the companies that you can find on this website give you the options of payment through PayPal as well as gift vouchers.

            How to make quick money in Australia? ›

            Some of the most profitable side hustle ideas to make extra money include:
            1. Starting a dropshipping business.
            2. Selling your own handcrafted products.
            3. Creating and selling your own designs.
            4. Selling digital marketing services through freelance work.
            5. Teaching an online course.
            6. Starting an affiliate marketing business.


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