Shaunie Henderson Enjoys Life Away From Shaq as She Celebrates Major Romantic Feat With Husband Keion (2024)

From an impromptu date in 2020 nearly a decade after her divorce from Shaquille O’Neal to getting married two years later, Shaunie and Keion Henderson keep growing strong. The couple now celebrates their two-year marriage anniversary with a sweet Instagram post.

Shaunie took to her official Instagram account and posted a glimpse of her journey with her husband Keion Henderson, who is a pastor. Alongside the snippet, she penned, “HAPPY 2nd ANNIVERSARY TO US! “


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And guess what? Within hours of posting, the video garnered massive attention. Not only family and friends but fans too, dived into the comment section to wish the couple a successful second year of married life. Last year also Shaunie shared her delight in an Instagram post as the couple celebrated their first wedding anniversary.

She posted a clip with the snippets of their moments together with Drake and Yebba’s 2021 song, “Yebba’s Heartbreak,” playing in the back.

The couple, who got married May 28, 2022 in Anguilla, have been appreciative of each other and often talked about how lucky they are to be together. They alsolaunched a podcast calledThe Groow Zone, last year, and in the first episode Shaunie described how she met Keion.

Shaunie said they first came together through a mutual friend and hit it off after an impromptu date in 2020. Henderson invited her to watch him preach in San Bernardino, but it was too far of a drive for her. So they met up at his hotel lobby in LA and went down to a restaurant to grab a bite.

“We had this great conversation that ended up being five or six hours to where we got kicked out of the regular restaurant into the lobby,” she said. Shaunie also described how she had a “test” for Keion to see if he will judge her.

Shaunie said she likes a drink every now and then and ordered two co*cktails to see if the pastor would judge her. But Keion wasn’t judgmental, and the two began to forge a connection.

Since Shaunie’s wedding with Keion Henderson, the couple has been quite open about their relationship. Both have frequently shared that it is due to their continuous efforts that their relationship remains exciting and fresh. Not only this, but the couple also works on discovering ways to enjoy each other’s company.

Shaunie Henderson’s efforts into making her marraige strong

This mutual dedication makes love vibrant while maintaining a strong and happy married life. Interestingly, all these methods were explored by Shaunie while enduring a failed marriage with Shaquille O’Neal. “Keion and I found out just how compatible we were in this way during the lead in to our wedding…But it worked because Keion and I work. ” Shaunie wrote in her book Undefeated: Changing the Rules and Winning on My Own Terms.

A few months ago Shaunie appeared on her husband’s YouTube channel, Keion Henderson Keion Henderson TV. During the discussion, her husband asked her, “How do I know when I meet somebody, ‘thats my person?’”


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Shaunie replied citing the example of their relationship and said, “I have an answer for that cuz I knew this question. So trust was one. I could trust you. You challenged me and I received the challenge, I wasn’t like rebelling the challenge. I didn’t combat the challenge, I take on the challenge. And look forward to you challenging me to do things, to say things, to share things, to feel things that I never felt, so that was super important to me.” Shaunie and her husband seem to have found the perfect match in each other. But did you know Shaq admitted his regret over the divorce with Shaunie

During an appearance on Monica’s Apple Music Hits, Mo Talk Radiolast year, Shaquille O’Neal admitted, “Shaunie was also a perfect woman and I messed it up.” Not only this, but Shaq also shared his thoughts on his relationship with Shaunie: “I hope this gentleman treats her the way she’s supposed to be treated, and I’m going to still love her. She’s still my wife. I will always protect, provide and love for her — married or not,”added Shaq.

Currently, Shaq is enjoying life as a successful businessman and analyst, while Shaunie is having the best time of her life with Keion Henderson. Despite going their separate ways more than a decade ago, they maintain a good relationship to date and have been great co-parents to their kids.


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Meanwhile, watch this video to learn what Shaq’s ex-agent, Leonard Armato, had to say about the marketing genius.

Shaunie Henderson Enjoys Life Away From Shaq as She Celebrates Major Romantic Feat With Husband Keion (2024)


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