Taco Bell Tuesday: Celebrate the 4th of July with these Taco Bell items (2024)

There is truly nothing more American than Taco Bell. It's a fast-food chain with an Americanized version of popular foods from other countries. There is truly nothing more American than that.

Don't get me wrong: I'm a Taco Bell girl through and through. That's why I wanted to show some love to one of America's best fast-food chains. No matter where you're located, you're bound to find a Taco Bell at least somewhat close to you.

Even if there isn't a local Taco Bell near you, you probably have a Walmart and can find some Taco Bell At Home Kits. Don't knock them until you try them as they're a favorite in my household. However, there is nothing like going in the store or going through the drive-thru to get your Taco Bell fix.

Whether you're working on the 4th of July, have plans later with friends, or just need a quick lunch, Taco Bell is open and ready to make sure you feel proud to be an American or at least, proud to get a cheap meal on a Thursday.

If you're looking to have as much fun as you can on the 4th of July, I wanted to recommend a few Taco Bell items that are bound to keep you full and hopefully, make sure your wallet doesn't suffer. First and foremost if you're off from work, you need to make sure you go in between the hours of 2-5 pm for Taco Bell's happy hour for the first item.

1. A Baja Blast Freeze

First and foremost, the item you need to get this 4th of July is definitely a Baja Blast Freeze. Yes, we love the regular Baja Blast Freeze around here but considering how hot it is outside, you need that extra frostiness. Considering that you get one for $1 during Happy Hour, then you're truly set. These are so refreshing and give you that great Baja Blast flavor we never get sick of. If you're going to Taco Bell and not getting a Baja Blast of any kind, then what was the point of the trip?!

2. A Double Stacked Taco

Moving onto the next item of business, you simply can't go to Taco Bell without getting a taco. While some might recommend the regular soft or crunchy taco, why not have both with the Double Stacked Taco? As part of the brand's Cravings Value Menu, this is priced at $2.29 and features a soft shell with a hard shell and cheese on the inside along with all the regular taco fixings of seasoned beef, lettuce, cheese, and fiesta strips. This is crunchy, cheesy, and priced just right to make sure you get a good bang for your buck.

3. 3 Cheese Chicken Flatbread Melt

At Guilty Eats, we do love to eat but we're also not shy about saving a few bucks where we can. That's why I had to include another item from the Cravings Value Menu. When it comes to Taco Bell's chicken, it can be hit or miss. Due to that, I included the 3 Cheese Chicken Flatbread Melt as it's basically a quesadilla but made with flatbread. Featuring chicken, the brand's signature 3-cheese blend, and Chipotle sauce, you're getting something just as good and just as filling. These are great for eating on the go or if you're just wanting something simple.

4. Nacho Fries

Last but not least, we always want a side and of all the sides Taco Bell has, Nacho Fries are the most bang for your buck. While we could have used another Cravings Value Menu item, we saved enough in the budget for this one. Since Nacho Fries are now a staple at Taco Bell, I feel like I don't even need to talk about them and why they're so good. It's seasoned fries with cheese sauce, what's not to love?!

Since this is supposed to be a celebration of America, I feel like there is nothing better than getting some items from Taco Bell and enjoying it on a lovely Thursday. With that being said, I wanted to count up the total and see if you think it's worth it. if you head there during Happy Hour, the Baja Blast Freeze is $1.00, and a Double Stacked Taco is $2.29. Then the 3 Cheese Chicken Flatbread Melt is $2.69 and then lastly, the Nacho Fries are $2.89 for a regular container.

Looking at the total cost at my local store, this is going to be $8.87 before tax which is pretty darn good. While I didn't beat out the Luxe Cravings Box, you're able to get some different items with this. Of course, if you're a Rewards Member, the best way to save money is by ordering a Build Your Own Cravings Box for $5.99. All in all though if you're looking for some cheap eats from Taco Bell, then the 4 I suggested are sure to keep you full through the fireworks.

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Taco Bell Tuesday: Celebrate the 4th of July with these Taco Bell items (2024)


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