Warzone MX Guardian loadout best build and class setup (2024)

What is the best Warzone MX Guardian loadout? Arriving in Season 4 Reloaded, the MX Guardian is a powerful new shotgun that you’re going to want to know how to build it most effectively. While you might not think shotguns could be meta in such a large arena as Warzone, the MX Guardian proves that wrong, boasting irresistible damage and fire rate. However, you’ll need the best MX Guardian build in Warzone and the full class setup to succeed.

Call of Duty Warzone’s MX Guardian looks like a weapon straight from Starship Troopers, and if that’s not enough to get you interested, then maybe it’s power will be. While it’s still finding its place in the Warzone meta, right now players are already finding it to be one of the best Warzone guns in Season 4, and for good reason. Luckily, you’re in the right place to find out the best Warzone MX Guardian loadout once you know how to unlock the MX Guardian in Warzone.

Warzone MX Guardian loadout

The best Warzone MX Guardian loadout is:

  • Barrel: MX-G Mobile
  • Laser: Schlager ULO-66 Laser
  • Magazine: MX Pro Mag
  • Stock: MX DCP-0
  • Rear Grip: XRK Rush

This MX Guardian build comes courtesy of content creator ‘WhosImmortal’ who has been causing chaos in Warzone with this weapon, but we’ve made a few important changes. Though it’s certainly a close-range weapon, it’s hard to ignore just how fun and destructive this weapon can be once you’re playing to its strengths.

This loadout starts off strong, with the MX-G Mobile barrel improving all the stats a shotgun like the MX Guardian could ever want: damage range, hip fire accuracy, and movement speed. However, we’ll be trading this for reduced recoil control, bullet velocity, hip recoil control, and aim down sight speed. Nevertheless, with a shotgun, there’s nothing more important than increased range, hip fire accuracy, and the ability to stay on the move as best as possible. Since you’ll naturally adopt a run-and-gun playstyle, sticking to close-quarters with the MX Guardian, this is a perfect first attachment. We’ll be tuning this for further damage range and recoil steadiness as well, to take this up another notch.

Next, we agree with Immortal’s suggestion of the Schlager ULO-66 Laser. Since the MX Guardian falls off dramatically outside of five meters from your opponent, you’ll do best when you’re up close and personal with the enemy and, naturally, using hip fire. This is where the Schlager ULO-66 comes in, granting enhanced hip fire accuracy and hip fire recoil control with no drawbacks. This is a must-pick for any shotgun, but especially one that struggles outside out very close range. While Immortal prefers tuning towards hip fire recoil control, we suggest tuning this attachment more towards hip fire accuracy and sprint to fire speed.

The MX Pro Mag pairs perfectly with this, granting improved aim down sight speed and sprint to fire speed, at the cost of recoil control. Since we’ll be right up in the enemy’s face, this gives us greater mobility with only a small downside. You can’t go wrong with this attachment.

The MX DCP-0 is our next attachment mainly for its bonuses to mobility. This attachment increases sprint speed, aim walking speed, crouch movement speed, and aim down sight speed, while reducing aiming stability and recoil control. Again, the MX Guardian is right at home at close-range, where we won’t need aiming stability or anything of the sorts. As such, the added mobility is a great upgrade to this weapon that will not only let you open fire on your enemy more quickly, but also close the gap with ease. We recommend tuning this nearly all the way towards aim down sight speed and aim walking speed, even more so than Immortal’s suggestion.

And for the last attachment for this MX Guardian loadout in Warzone, use the XRK Rush rear grip. Much like the MX DCP-0 stock, the added mobility of this attachment is hard to resist, granting improved sprint to fire speed and aim down sight speed, with a reduction to recoil control. And we’d also suggest tuning this nearly all the way towards aim down sight speed and sprint to fire speed to further enhance these stats. For a shotgun, you couldn’t ask for much more.

Warzone MX Guardian loadout best build and class setup (1)

Now you’ve got the very best Warzone MX Guardian loadout there is right now, so you can absolutely devastate enemies in close-range. However, if this is all you’re bringing into one of the best battle royale games, then you won’t make it to the end of the round. You’ll need a strong backup weapon and class setup if you want to succeed. Well, we’ve got that too.

Warzone MX Guardian loadout best build and class setup (2)

Warzone MX Guardian class setup

While the MX Guardian has everything covered at close-range, it’s all but useless at nearly 10 meters out. As such, you’re going to need another weapon that can make up for this shortcoming. We recommend a versatile assault rifle that can hold its own at longer ranges, such as the meta Warzone HCR 56 loadout or Warzone Lachmann-556 loadout. In fact, this is likely what you’ll be using most of the time, only pulling out the MX Guardian once you’ve closed the gap on your enemy. If you’re a lover of snipers, then you could even bring the best Warzone MCPR-300 loadout with you.

As for perks, you’re definitely going to need Overkill. This will let you carry a second primary weapon as we suggest above. You’ll need this for when you’re out of range with the MX Guardian, otherwise you’re a sitting duck.

For the remaining perks, we suggest Double Time, Fast Hands, and High Alert. These are staple perks in almost every build for a reason, and they work wonders in the best Warzone MX Guardian loadout, giving us greater agility and awareness that can’t be turned down.

Last but not least, bring a Flashbang and Drill Charge with you. Since we’ll be pushing enemies quite aggressively, this equipment lets us move enemies out of fortified positions, opening them up for the MX Guardian to wipe them out.

Warzone MX Guardian loadout best build and class setup (3)

Best Warzone MX Guardian alternatives

When it comes to the best Warzone MX Guardian loadout alternatives,one weapon stands out among the rest, and that’s why we recommendthe KV Broadside. The Warzone KV Broadside loadout has been meta for quite some time now simply due to how potent it is in close and medium-range, especially when paired with another primary weapon. It fills much the same role as the MX Guardian, so it’s a great alternative.

Moving away from shotguns, the Warzone ISO 45 loadout is another powerful close-range weapon, though it’s a little more versatile than the MX Guardian. Given the rapid fire rate and spread of the MX Guardian, it will likely come out on top within five meters, but beyond that, the ISO 45 is a lethal alternative.

And that covers the best Warzone MX Guardian loadout right now, complete with a full weapon build, class setup, and even alternatives if you’re not quite getting on with it. Now get out there and try it out in one of the best competitive FPS games out right now.

Warzone MX Guardian loadout best build and class setup (2024)


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